2-Day AstroVastu Remedies Course

2-Day AstroVastu Remedies Course further elevates your foundation of Vastu and Astro course to the next level, enabling you to analyze your horoscope along with your house plan for applying Astro Vastu remedies.

2-Day AstroVastu Remedies Course

After AVRC Course You will be able to

1. Empower self for boosting confidence and impressive recognition of your efforts.

2. Do Astro Vastu remedies for converting your efforts into money.

3. Effective MahaVastu remedies for improvising your performance and productivity and also to make your meeting successful.

4. Nurture important in-born qualities and values for improvising overall life and creating an elevated living.

5. Do quick Astro Vastu remedies for eternal happiness and healing, it will also boost your depth in your hobbies and interests.

6. Recover from disease, blockages and other hindrances which hinders the delivery of your services and rewards for same.

7. Do Effective Astro Vastu remedies solutions to overcome conflicts with your associates, partners and other people whose relationships are important for leading a successful life.

8. Do Simple yet powerful solutions to overcome pains, unknown fears and also security from accidents.

9. Do Astro Vastu for excelling in pursuance of higher knowledge and right skills for leading life to next higher levels.

10. Do best remedies for growth in your carrier and occupation.

11. Decide easy do's and don'ts for connecting with beneficial friends and expand your effective networking.

12. Block the root causes of your weaknesses and wasteful expenditure of time, attention and money. Same remedies will convert your spendings or investments into long term gains.

With the regular practice of Astro Vastu formulas, techniques and MahaVastu approach, you will open avenues of new learning while doing real-time practice at buildings of your friends and clients.

Apart from that, you will learn to utilize how to use everyday appliances, décor objects, and kitchen groceries to get immediate relief without rushing to market for buying Astro Vastu remedies.

You will learn new Astro-Vastu remedies.

  • Program Timing: 10am-6pm.
  • The fee includes essential AstroVastu Kit which includes ‘AstroVastu Remedies Course Manual’
  • This course is a non-residential course.
  • Fee - Rs. 31000 inclusive of GST

Mahavastu Franchisee Centre will provide you full support to work on your case studies.