Course Overview

Here is how Course flows from Basics to in-dept to learning advnace techniques and doing Mahavastu Programming.

MahaVastu Basics
MahaVastu In Depth
MahaVastu Advance Techniques
MahaVastu Programming & Symbols
Focusing on problem MahaVastu decoding of Vedic Prospective on Laws of Universe. Handling irregular plots. How symbols create desired results.
How to make to the scale plans. Theory of cause & effect. Management without demolition. How to use symbols.
Using compass & finding direction Influence of stars & planets. Elemental Strips. Use of Mantras.
Marking center and gridding. What creates effects in a building. Space Surgery. Using Pyramids.
Determining facing of building. Earth Energies. Space Extension. Live Examples of usage of symbols.
Types of Entrances & Effects. Decoding 45 powers of Vastu Purush Mandala. Space Purifying. Using Sculptures & paintings.
MahaVastu 16 directions, Zones & Effects. How 45 powers manifest in building. Virtual Entry. MahaVastu Programming for desired results.
Area of Each Zone. Utilise the 45 Powers to create miraculous results. Marma Technique. Solutions for Relationships, Health, Studies, Carrier, Money.
Bar Chart Analysis. Use of Mirrors.
Effects of room and each activity.
Five Elements
Recognizing 5 elements colour, shape and attributes.
Relationship of Elements & Zones
Effects of various objects like TV, Fridge, invertor, washing machine